Sofa Stain Protection Isaacs

Sofa Stain Protection Isaacs


Is your sofa looking tired and in need of professional treatment? You have come to a right place. Welcome to the professional sofa cleaning service Keen Upholstery Cleaning Canberra. With over 20+ years of experience and knowledge we have the skills and ability to provide you with a truly professional cleaning job each and every time. Also, we have the highest quality eco-friendly solutions and equipment which makes sure for quality results for every sofa cleaning need.

Benefits of sofa stain protection

Whether it is about crumbs of food on a sofa or liquid spots; our specialized sofa cleaning team is there to help you out from such conditions. Over time, there are plenty of things that can decrease the lifespan of your sofa. Particularly, if your home is pet-friendly or you have toddlers then the chances of exertion are quite high.

As per our experts, some specific things can damage the fabric of your sofa, which includes body oil, pet hair, food material, dead skin of the human body, or other liquid spills. This can make sofa fabric dirtier. So by calling on our number i.e. 0480090711, you can enjoy the benefits of our sofa stain protection in Isaacs. We are there to provide some special treatments; which can make your existence easier as well as healthier.

Our professionals take proper care of certain factors:

  • Shrinking and Discoloration
  • We take proper care so that can remove the effects of over wetness of fabric.
  • Before applying a solution we prefer to check the color fadedness on the fabric
  • The excess amount of water can damage the material or foam of the fabric. Therefore, it’s better to take help of solutions that do not spread. In this way, our eliminators take appropriate steps to remove the stains by fabric sofa stain removal in Isaacs.
  •  We perform proper procedures through which we always try to eliminate the signs of dark spots.

How do we work?


The most important and first thing we do, before starting the cleaning process for upholstery. Through inspection, we identify what kind of fabric it is made of and also consider the manufacturer’s instructions, if any. Accordingly, we employ the most suitable cleaning method.

Sofa Dry Cleaning:

Once we have identified which method to use, we remove all dry dust and dirt from the upholstery, sofa, or couch before using water. This step is performed with the use of vacuum cleaners.

Applying Cleaning Agents:

Once the sofa is vacuumed, for upholstery dry cleaning our experts make use of bacteria repellent to use the cleaning solvent, which goes deep into the fabric and gives an improved cleaning experience.

Hot Water Extraction:

On the other hand, for upholstery steam cleaning our technicians wash your upholstery using a hot water extraction system. Later with the help of a vacuum, we extract all dirt, contaminants, and water mixed with a cleaning solution.


At last, we dry the upholstery completely so that no dampness or moist is remained left on your couch, which hinders the chances of any bacterial growth in the future.


During this pandemic time, we mandatorily sanitize the upholstery. Contaminants have the potential to cause serious health problems if left unnoticed. So we sanitize the upholstery to remain clean and healthy and for the complete satisfaction and safety of our customers. Your safety is our top priority!

Final Inspection:

This is the last step, we do a complete inspection of the cleaned upholstery to ensure that no corners are left unchecked or stained and whether our customers are satisfied with our job.

Why choose us?

Digging out the best solution for your couch stain removal in Isaacs? You have come to the right place. Keen Upholstery Cleaning Canberra is a licensed company from where you get things done at your place. We are there to provide you with our sofa stain protection service in Isaacs under the guidance of an expert technician. Besides we also clean fabrics of other items such as mattresses, rugs, carpets, curtains, etc, which can provide you more relaxation.

You cannot avoid spills, they are bound to happen from time to time and you haven’t protected your couch with its covers. But, not everyone likes to use those covers. So it is always best to get professional couch stain removal in Isaacs.

Keen Upholstery Cleaning Canberra has brought luxury to you with its high-quality upholstery stain protection in Isaacs. We have a customer-friendly policy that helps our clients to successfully book our services and obligate the service without any interruption. Contact us today! We will assist you in case of any doubt, or even provide you with a free quote.

Our specialties:

  • Use only chemical-free and biodegradable cleaning solutions
  • Working hours are flexible
  • Same-day service availability
  • Offer obligation-free quotes
  • Accept an emergency booking and provide the service
  • Professionals are at your service 24×7 hours
  • All services are cost-effective with no quality compromise

Same Day Sofa Stain Protection:

Our professionals can reach your house or office on the same day after a successful booking. Whenever you require same-day sofa stain protection in Isaacs, we recommend you to do the bookings in the morning. Even after calling us on short notice, our specialists come fully prepared with all the equipment and solutions to clean and restore your sofa to its original form.

It’s our swift and trustworthy service, which makes us stand out among the crowd of same-day sofa cleaning companies in Isaacs. No matter where you live, be it in the cities or suburbs, or even a little farther out in the countryside, we will be at your location within just a few hours. Call us today at +61261452461 or ask for a free quote.


1. How do you clean and sanitize the fabric of the sofa?

At Keen Upholstery Cleaning Canberra, we expertly clean or sanitize the sofa without creating any mess. We use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions and make the sofa stain-free. Book our sofa stain protection service in Isaacs today.

2. How much do you charge for cleaning the sofa?

For a rough estimate for your fabric sofa cleaning requirements, we would like you to give us a few details and a description of your ruined sofa fabric. Our representative will ask you a few questions, and thus, we will provide you with a rough estimate of your needs and suitable treatment.

3. I need an emergency sofa cleaning treatment. How to contact you?

You can call us on +61261452461 or send us an email (mentioned on our website).

4. Can you remove fungi from my sofa’s fabric?

Keen Upholstery Cleaning Canberra can help remove fungi from your sofas by using modern and advanced tools and techniques from your precious sofa. We will also use hot water and cleaning agents to wipe out the dirt and fungi from your sofa. Book the best fungi removal couch stain protection in Isaacs.

5. I need same-day upholstery cleaning. Will you help me?

Yes, we do provide same day upholstery cleaning services. Call us today!

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