Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose the best upholstery cleaning company based on the following factors: 1. Quality of service 2. Number of positive customer reviews 3. Reasonable pricing for the quality of service offered 4. Whether same-day and emergency services are offered 5. Whether the cleaners are certified, licensed and trained in the various upholstery cleaning methods. 6. Whether a particular cleaning company uses the latest technologies and sustainable cleaning agents in its cleaning processes.
Some cleaning companies may do a shoddy job in removing cleaning agents and other chemicals after cleaning. It is always better to get an expert cleaning company which does a thorough and deep cleaning and ensures that all wastes and dirt from deep within the furniture upholstery is removed.
The cleaning method should be always customised to the upholstery fabric. Always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions and adapt the cleaning method to the type of fabric and the nature of the damage. Steam cleaning is one of the recommended methods as it is the most sustainable and environment friendly method.
Professional cleaning for your furniture upholstery is a cheaper alternative compared to the cost of repairing or replacing your furniture.
The pricing for expert cleaning services will depend on the total area of the upholstery to be cleaned, the type of damage, the cleaning methods and chemicals used in the cleaning process. Nonetheless, professional cleaners provide competitive and budget-friendly prices for upholstery cleaning services.
No, expert cleaners schedule their services according to your convenience. They normally provide a customised sofa cleaning service and also ensure quick drying of the upholstery fabric to reduce the inconvenience to you.
Blot and wipe the red wine stain as soon as it occurs. Then use a combination of hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid to sponge and remove the wine stains from your sofa upholstery.
Yes, as mentioned before, when you clean your sofa, you extend its longevity and return it to its mint-fresh condition.
First, vacuum the couch thoroughly. Use a stiff brush to remove debris which is adhered to the sofa. If there are stains on the upholstery fabric, use the appropriate stain remover to remove stains. You can also steam cleaning, dry cleaning or stain protection treatments as appropriate.
Using professional cleaners is an affordable, safe and damage-free way to deep clean your couch. DIY cleaning may necessitate that you invest in a lot of equipment
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