Give Your Furniture a New Life- The Ultimate Guide to Professionally Clean Different Types of Upholstery

Accidents do happen, despite your best efforts to preserve and clean your upholstery. Upholstered furniture that is used frequently accumulates dirt and dust, which wears down and hampers the fabric. It’s critical to learn how to properly clean and maintain your furniture if you want to keep it looking lovely and clean. As a result, our upholstery cleaning Canberra experts have put together a manual for efficiently cleaning the most popular kinds of upholstery.

Identification of the Upholstery

Your furniture’s upholstery may be made of a variety of materials, and each one requires a certain method of cleaning. Check for a manufacturer’s care label sewed onto the underside of the furniture or tacked to a couch beam to determine what type of upholstery you have.

You can find out what material the upholstery is made of and some cleaning guidelines on the label. Never take for granted that you are aware of the kind of material your furniture has been made of; always read the label to be certain.

What kind of cleaning to use on the upholstery is specified by a particular number on the care label. A “W” indicates that water-based upholstery cleaners can be used to clean it. An “S” indicates that you should only use upholstery cleaners with solvent bases. “W/S” denotes the option of using solvent- or water-based upholstery cleaners.

Cleaning Different Upholstery Fabrics

It’s critical to adhere to fundamental recommendations to keep your upholstered furniture in excellent shape. One of these is routine vacuuming to keep dust from getting embedded in the stuffing and fabric. Additionally, spot cleaning is the most effective technique to get rid of spills and stop them from turning into tenacious stains.

Beyond these fundamental actions, it’s important to understand that various upholstery textiles call for distinct cleaning procedures. Each fabric has distinct qualities and needs a certain cleaning method. By understanding how to properly clean particular materials, you may prevent potential harm like shrinking or colour bleeding. When cleaning your furniture, this enables you to get the finest results possible.

Synthetic Upholstery

Upholstery fabrics that are synthetic, such as those composed of acrylic, polyester, nylon, or olefin, are typically simpler to maintain. These materials may be cleaned with any water-based product and are extremely water resistant. If your upholstery is detachable, a washing machine can be used to clean it.

However, it is always essential to look for particular treatment recommendations or suggested cleaning chemicals on the label of your furniture. When in doubt, it is best to test any cleaning solution on a small patch of fabric to look for any symptoms of shrinking or discoloration. Stop using the product and try a different furniture cleaning product if you see these consequences.

Suede Upholstery Cleaning

Although suede is quite tough to clean by yourself, it is nevertheless a highly attractive and cosy material. Avoid using water or any other water-based cleanser on suede since it does not react well with water.

You can use some vinegar and a blotting motion to clear up any unlucky spillage. Apply some baking soda to a grease spill to help it absorb the grease. After that, vacuum up all of the baking soda to remove the grease stain.

Natural Upholstery

Natural fibres like cotton, wool, silk, velvet, or linen are frequently used in upholstery materials. Natural materials absorb a lot of water, unlike synthetic fabrics, making wet washing inappropriate. Steam cleaning, however, might be a useful choice. The majority of the time, you can clean natural materials yourself unless the label specifies otherwise.

It is recommended to use water-based cleaning chemicals for cleaning natural upholstery, but take care not to overdo it. Inconvenient water rings or shrinkage can result from excessive moisture. Use a mild cleaning agent, and then blot the fabric with a fresh, dry cloth to prevent these problems.

Velvet Upholstery

Velvet is one of the most opulent upholstery materials, but since it is so delicate, it is also one of the hardest to maintain. To clean velvet furniture, it is definitely best to contact a professional upholstery cleaning Canberra service.

It is recommended to just be extra careful with velvet so that it does not need to be washed because velvet is extremely quickly destroyed by the wrong form of cleaning.

Cotton Upholstery

Being a natural fibre, cotton requires caution when being cleaned so that it can thoroughly dry afterwards. Cotton may be cleaned with soap and water.

Avoid vigorously rubbing cotton upholstery; instead, wipe any stains or smudges. In fact, rubbing at a stain can drive it further into the fabric’s fibres, making removal nearly impossible.

Combined Upholstery

Natural and synthetic fibres are typically combined 50/50 in upholstery fabrics, with cotton or wool being a popular choice. The safest course of action when working with blended textiles is to engage expert upholstery cleaners. Unless the label provides a DIY cleaning method, combined materials often require specific treatment to prevent shrinking or other damage.

Microfibre Upholstery

The popularity of microfiber upholstery stems from its attractiveness and toughness. Cleaning microfiber upholstery should only require vacuuming and brushing to get rid of dirt and debris. Check the manufacturer’s label for detailed information on the best products to use for your microfiber upholstery before performing spot cleaning.

Leather Upholstery

The most of the time, leather upholstery just needs to be sometimes wiped clean of dust and filth and condition to keep it supple and smooth. If you come across a stain on your leather upholstery, it is recommended to hire a professional leather upholstery cleaning Canberra business to treat the damage. Specific cleaning solutions can cause the leather to become sensitive, and poor cleaning might result in damage or discolouration.

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