Analyzing Fabric Upholstery Cleaning processes

Does your fabric upholstery require urgent cleaning? Is your living room looking uninviting with dingy furniture? If the answer to the above questions is yes, then it is high-time you invited Upholstery Cleaning Canberra services for a through and deep cleaning of your upholstery. We offer customized upholstery cleaning services for all types of fabric upholstery. What’s not to like about our qualified and certified upholstery cleaning professionals, our use of sustainable chemicals and cleaning agents, our use of the latest cleaning technology and processes for deep cleaning your upholstery.

Keen Upholstery Cleaning Canberra has been in existence since 2003. We have a stellar track record in upholstery fabric cleaning of all types. We have been servicing the cleaning requirements of both residential and commercial customers. Our friendly, speedy, and reliable cleaning service is guaranteed to provide our customers 100% satisfaction of a job well done.

Fabric upholstery, whatever be the nature of the material, is prone to attract dust, debris, pet dander, dead skin flakes and other contaminants. In addition, parasites like dust mites, mould and mildew burrow into the hidden recesses of your fabric upholstery. They become a health hazard by triggering allergy attacks and respiratory illnesses. This makes your family and your children fall prey to diseases. In addition, soils and accidental stains caused by clumsy guests, playful children and pets damages your fabric upholstery. Some of these stains and spills become permanent and disfigure your fabric upholstery.

Benefits of Fabric Upholstery Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your fabric upholstery is a must if you want to your living room to sport a clean and welcoming look. Some amount of weekly DIY cleaning is a must to keep up the cleanliness standard. You must opt for a through deep cleaning of your fabric upholstery using Couch Cleaning Canberra services. Our in-house cleaning experts are adept at removing permanent stains and soils and other germs from your sofas and couch. After our cleaning process, your couches and sofas will regain their original lustre and elegance. They will look as good as new.

When you get your fabric upholstery cleaned professionally, you avoid the costly repair and replacements costs. Plus, there is the added convenience of freeing up your personal time for other personal commitments.

Precautions to observe before cleaning your fabric upholstery

  • Different types of upholstery fabric also require customized cleaning processes. Fabric upholstery can consist of different materials like cotton, linen, polyester, nylon, velvet, silk, microfibre and several other materials.
  • Before you start the cleaning process, make sure that you check the manufacturer’s tags. Manufacturers provide specific instructions for fabric care. You must clean the fabric by carefully following these instructions otherwise you risk damaging the fabric permanently.
  • Fabric tag instructions can be W, S WS, X which can be selectively cleaned by water, solvents, water and solvents, dry-cleaning or vacuuming only. To avoid any mistakes due to misinterpretation of these instructions, you can safely rely on Sofa Cleaning Canberra services.
  • Always clean a small area or a patch of your upholstery fabric. This helps to detect any adverse reactions to the cleaning agent or the cleaning process used. You can protect yourself from permanent damage to the whole upholstery fabric by following this tip

Different Cleaning methods used for cleaning Fabric Upholstery

  • Vacuuming or using a soft brush:

For any type of upholstery fabric, you can begin the entire cleaning process by vacuuming the surface of your upholstery. Use the crevice attachment to clean into the sides of your sofa. This helps to remove all encrusted, dried debris and food particles on the top your couch.

  • Cleaning and washing with different cleaning agents mixed in a solution with water or solvents:

You can always machine wash the removable cushion covers of fabrics like cotton or linen. Otherwise, you can clean the upholstery with a soft cloth dipped in the cleaning solution to remove stains, spots and thoroughly clean the surface. After such cleaning, sponge away the excess cleaning solution and water using a damp towel or a clean cloth. Make sure that you completely dry your fabric upholstery after such cleaning. Air drying in the sun could be a good idea for some upholstery fabrics. For other fabrics, dry them suing an air dryer where it is permitted by the manufacturer’s tag.

  • Steam cleaning:

Steam cleaning which uses hot steam to clean your fabric is a sustainable process. It only uses the hot steam produced by the steam cleaning machine to deep clean and destroy microorganisms deep inside your furniture upholstery. As you must exercise care during steam upholstery cleaning, it is better to call in the professionals like Upholstery Cleaning Canberra services.

  • Dry Cleaning:

You have to clean some upholstery fabrics like silks and velvets using solvents. Delegate the dry cleaning to your upholstery fabric to Couch Cleaning Canberra to be assured of a job professionally executed. We will restore your sofa to its original condition after our professional dry cleaning.


Whatever the cleaning process or method required to clean your sofa upholstery, it is always safer to delegate to Upholstery Cleaning Canberra. You will be assured of 100% satisfaction with our superior cleaning process.

Keen Upholstery Cleaning is available for fabric upholstery cleaning services 24X7, all days of the week. You will be thoroughly satisfied with our round the clock cleaning services for same-day and emergency appointments.

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